Li'l Pals Dog Nail Trimmer

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

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Li'l Pals® Dog Nail Trimmer

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  • Promotes early adoption of proper grooming habits

  • Long-lasting, sharp cutting edge

  • Scaled down for petite pets

  • Features an easy grip handle

  • Backed by Coastal's satisfaction guarantee

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The Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Dog Nail Trimmer is meticulously designed to expertly trim the nails of your beloved puppy or toy dog. This specialized tool features a durable, sharp cutting edge that guarantees lasting efficiency. Tailored to cater to the unique needs of small dogs and puppies, the Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Nail Trimmer boasts a comfortable grip that ensures a seamless experience for both pet and owner. Crafted to scale, this tool perfectly accommodates petite pets, incorporating an easy-grip handle for added control and precision. Elevate your grooming routine and prioritize your small dog's comfort with the Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Dog Nail Trimmer.


To clip the nails of your puppy or toy dog efficiently.