A Coastal Planogram is an easy to read display of high turnover items organized to improve the appearance of a retail pet store, attract customers and stimulate overall sales, specifically by increasing impulse buying.

  • Custom for each store
    • Variety of sizes
    • Multiple price points
    • Product selection optimized to each store
  • Exact product placement mapping
  • Kit selection and placement for highest ROI
  • Design based on national sales statistics for product performance

Back Tags

Back tags are crucial to the maintenance of your store’s wall display.

When stocking a wall display, employees must match an item’s product tag information with that found on a back tag to make sure every item gets to the right pet every time.

  • Helps maintain the Coastal wall
  • Provides product information
  • Helps with restocking
  • Simplifies reordering

Request missing back tags from your Account Service Coordinator (800) 321-0248

When stocking a wall, match product tags, stickers, and back tags with the following information:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Item Number
  • Product Description

It is important when restocking the wall that you rotate your stock FIFO
(first in first out)

Maintaining the Wall

Maintaining the wall increase sales potential, because it looks more appealing and is easier for customers to shop.

  • 15-20 minutes each shift you work
  • Correctly rehang items that have been removed from peg hooks
  • Straighten product on the wall display
    • Tuck leashes back into place
    • Slide collars forward and to the right
    • Make sure no product is hanging upside down

Tips for Detailing the Wall


  • All leash snaps face front
  • Open to the right
  • Look for size differences


  • Slide collars forward
  • Buckles pushed to the right
  • D rings down


  • Hang by the second D ring
  • All packaging face front
  • Standard fixed style harnesses should hang unbuckled


  • All product tags, headers, hang tags, and other labels always face forward
  • Coastal will replace any tags or packaging for free


  • Notice differences in color and length
  • Round collars should be buckled in the second hole from the end