Guiding Grooming Purchases

Intro to Grooming

Grooming can help reduce shedding, promotes a healthy coat, allows for early detection of skin issues or other health problems and helps customers address fleas before they become a real problem.

Whether they do it all on their own to save money or only groom at home as maintenance between professional visits, customers in the grooming section of your store are probably looking for a little help.

The number one piece of feedback we’ve gotten in research is that customers find grooming tools confusing, making it hard to establish and maintain good grooming habits for their pet.

Here’s how you can help them build confidence and make the right purchases for their pet.

Packaging and POP Designed to Help

 Safari packaging features cues to help consumers navigate the breadth of products offered.

We’ve also designed POP materials to help when you’re not there. While the options can feel overwhelming customers typically need between 3 and 5 tools for a complete grooming routine. 

We also offer a printed guide and video instruction for your customers who want to understand how often to groom their pet. These can be found on or our YouTube channel.

Assessing the Pet

There are a few factors that will impact the grooming routine of each pet.

Quick Reference


(Type of tool is the same, options available for long or short)

  • Detangle: Pin brush or metal comb
  • Shine: Bristle Brush
  • Shedding: Shed Magic, Shedding comb
  • Undercoat Care: Rake, Slicker
  • Bathing: Curry brush
  • Nail Care: Trimmers, File, Styptic Powder

Curly Hair:

  • Shedding: Shedding blade
  • Mats: Mat remover, de-matting

Long Hair:

  • Mats: Mat remover, de-matting

Guides and Video Aids

Safari® by Coastal: Grooming Tools for Long-Haired Breeds


Safari® by Coastal: Grooming Tools for Short-Haired Breeds


Grooming  Guide Infographic