The "Whys" Behind the Water & Woods® Collection

While the name of Coastal Pet Products’ Water & Woods® collection may seem self-explanatory, there is so much to know about these products created for those who love the outdoor lifestyle. The items in this collection are perfect for anyone with hunting and retriever dogs, as well as for camouflage enthusiasts. As hunting season approaches, learn about the “whys” behind Water & Woods®.

Why Water & Woods®?

Coastal Pet Products wanted to expand its offering of outdoor-focused items. The collection was created to represent a sport that is enjoyable when more dogs are able to participate. The first in-house sporting line – Water & Woods® --  was named to evoke the places you’ll find sportsmen engaging in outdoor activities with their dogs.

The collection includes everything hunters need to train their dogs and keep them safe including collars, leashes, training scent kits, training hunting dummies, and safety vests.

Why neon orange?

From training dummies and safety vests to collars and leashes, neon orange is a leading color you will see among products in Water & Woods®. This color – also referred to as “blaze orange,” “safety orange,” or “hunter orange” – is easily spotted by other hunters who may be out in the woods.

In fact, the majority of U.S. states require hunters to wear neon orange while hunting. For the states where it is not a requirement, it is strongly recommended for safety purposes.

Humans wear this color for safety and any hunting dogs should be visible, too. The Water & Woods® Blaze adjustable patterned dog collar has neon pink or orange coloring for visibility with a forest silhouette design.

For early morning or evening hunts, a reflective collar like the adjustable reflective collar keeps your dog even more safe and visible up to 600 feet away.

For increased visibility in low-light situations, the reflective safety vest features reflective strips and neon coloring. It is also water resistant for those rainy hunting trips.

Why camouflage?

Aside from neon orange, hunters often wear camouflage to blend into their surroundings to better hide from their prey. Camo leashes and collars for hunting dogs serve the same purpose.

However, you do not need to be a hunter to appreciate a camo pattern. Dogs and owners who enjoy spending time outdoors in the woods or even in their own backyard can sport a variety of vibrant, colorfast camo patterns with the Water & Woods® Adjustable Dog Collar.

Why waterproof?

Whether you are hunting ducks or deer, chances are your search will lead you and your dog into wet or muddy conditions. Collars with waterproof material resist odors and make for easy clean up after water retrievals or swampy situations. The waterproof hound dog collar with center ring is ideal for hard-working water retrieval and hunting dogs, as well as for owners who want less mess and odor.

Whether your dog is a hardworking hunter or a backyard browser, the Water & Woods® collection from Coastal Pet Products has everything you need to keep them stylish and safe.