Your Comprehensive New Pet Checklist

Adding a new pet to your family is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming when it comes to having all the supplies needed to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your new pet.

If you are planning to get a new pet, Coastal Pet Products has compiled a comprehensive list of products needed to get things started off on the right foot paw.

A Cane Corso with a pink Inspire collar standing near a body of water.

1. Collar and ID Tag

A well-fitting collar and up-to-date ID tag are top priority whether you are bringing home a cat or a dog. For small puppies and kittens, a Li’l Pals® collar is designed specifically to fit growing animals. For bigger breeds or older pets, an adjustable dog collar or breakaway cat collar is recommended. ID tags should have accurate owner contact information in case of separation from your pet.

If you’re unsure about how to properly size your pet for a collar, Coastal has you covered. Check out our dog collar sizing video or our cat and kitten collar safety video.

A playful Boston Terrier dog, wearing a Li'l Pals collar, leash, and harness set, has fun with a pink toy, a Li'l Pals plush pig.

2. Leash and Harness

For dog owners, you’ll want a leash and/or harness to use each time your dog leaves home. There are a variety of harness types and leash options, so consider your needs as well as your dog’s needs before choosing. Introducing puppies to harnesses at a young age can help them become comfortable while wearing them as they grow.

Coastal offers harness sizing videos and graphics to help pet owners know how to properly measure for a secure harness fit and style.

A woman holding a cat in a gray Bergan Cat Carrier to keep the feline secure and cozy during travel.

3. Pet Carrier/Travel Items

Whether it’s the first ride home, a visit to the vet, or any trip in between, it’s necessary to have a secure way to transport your pet. You’ll want a carrier that is convenient for you as well as comfortable for your pet. Bergan® Comfort Carriers are designed to meet these exact needs, and Bergan offers other travel solutions as needs arise.

A dog happily eating from a Maslow dog bowl.

4. Food, Food Bowls and Water Bowls

These products seem basic, but today there are different bowl options to choose from based on pets’ specific needs. For example, if your new pup has long ears, they could benefit from a dry ears bowl. You should opt for stainless steel versus plastic because stainless steel is easier to clean and sanitize. Ask your vet or your pet’s original caretaker about food options to know what food you need and how often to feed them.

With a Li'l Pals cat brush in hand, a woman grooms a sweet kitten, keeping its coat soft and tangle-free.

5. Grooming Supplies

To cover the grooming basics, pet owners should have tools to trim nails, combat shedding, and check for fleas. For puppies and kittens, Li’l Pals offers a puppy grooming kit and kitten grooming tools that are perfectly sized for small animals. Introducing your pet to grooming early on will help your pet become comfortable with the grooming process and create a bond between you and your pet. As your pet grows, Safari® has all the tools you’ll need to groom like a pro at home.

Two adorable kittens having a blast with a Turbo Scratcher cat toy.

6. Toys

Toys are a must for keeping pets entertained and mentally stimulated. Opt for toys that will cater to your pet’s natural instincts, energy levels, and size. Coastal’s Turbo®, Li’l Pals, and Rascals® collections offer a wide variety of toys for dogs and cats of all ages and stages.

A cute bulldog puppy sitting on an Advance Training Pad.

7. Training Items

For owners with new puppies, potty training supplies are a must! Stock up on training pads like Advance® Potty Training Pads with Turbo Dry® Technology to take the stress out of the mess. Consider adding Advance Potty Training Bells to your training tool kit to help with the potty training experience. Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget the treats to reinforce good behaviors in your training journey.

8. Waste Management Items

When nature calls, you’ll need a way to quickly and efficiently clean up. If you’re getting a cat or kitten, have a litter box and litter ready to go. For those adding dogs to their home, along with training pads mentioned above, you’ll want to consider a rake or scoop to make outdoor cleanup easy.

9. Comfortable Bed/Crate

Pets need their own areas where they can be safe and comfortable. Have a comfortable bed or crate available in a quiet area of your home for when your pet needs to take a break.

An Australian Shepherd dog enjoying a peaceful moment on the grass.

10. Pet First Aid Kit

It’s good to be prepared for minor injuries for those with two feet or four paws. Have a pet first aid kit on hand that includes items like bandages, antiseptic spray, and any items recommended by a veterinarian.

11. Pet-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

When you own a pet, major and minor messes can happen. When it’s time to clean up those messes, be sure you are using cleaning products that are non-toxic to animals.

A curious cat staring directly at the camera, with its eyes wide open and a hint of mischief in its gaze.

12. Health and Wellness Products

Depending on the age you get your pet, they may need additional veterinary care for immunizations and other wellness needs. Even if they are an older pet, set up an annual wellness visit with your veterinarian and keep any necessary medications, flea and tick preventatives, and other veterinarian-recommended items on hand to help care for your pet year round.


Adding a four-legged member to your family is a memorable experience! Being equipped with the right items sets the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship between you and your pet. Before the paws start padding around your home, gathering the essentials is a small investment that pays off in the boundless love and companionship your new pet will bring to your family. Coastal Pet Products is proud to design and deliver the quality products people have trusted for the pets they love since 1968.