Advance Dog Potty Training Bells

by Advance

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Advance® Dog Potty Training Bells

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  • Hang the bells on the door handle for easy set-up and let your dog tell you when he needs to go out.

  • Bells jingle to get your attention and let you know that your dog is ready to go use the potty.

  • Eliminate the bad habit of indoor accidents by giving your dog an easy way to tell you he needs to go outside.

  • There are two handy snap options to choose between 27-inches and 31-inches in length to accommodate most doors and sizes.

  • Simply jingle the bells when you take your dog out, and reward him when he begins to use the bells himself to ensure his new habit sticks.

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The Advance Dog Potty Training Bells are a convenient tool for training your dog to signal when they need to go outside, reducing scratching, whining, or barking. They come in two adjustable lengths of 27" or 31", making them suitable for most doors and dog sizes. These potty training bells are available in solid black or stylish patterns, combining functionality with fashion for your training needs.


Helps your dog communicate the need to go outside.