Coastal Jeweled Dog Collar

by Coastal

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Coastal® Jeweled Dog Collar

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  • Jewel strip provides eye-catching style and sparkle.

  • Fade-resistant material maintains vibrant colors.

  • Durable nylon withstands rough wear for long-lasting use.

  • Bold colors to complement your dog's unique style.

  • Easy to secure with metal tongue buckle.

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Elevate your canine companion's flair with the Coastal® Jeweled Dog Collar, a statement piece that's bound to upgrade your pooch's style game. This collar is a fusion of captivating fashion and lasting functionality, highlighted by its striking jewel strip. The touch of bling adds an alluring dimension to your dog's ensemble, making them a true standout. Constructed from durable, fade-resistant nylon, the collar doesn't just prioritize fashion, but also longevity. The array of bold colors available further enhances its visual impact, ensuring your dog's style remains unmatched. The easy-to-secure buckle mechanism ensures a hassle-free experience while guaranteeing a snug fit. Comfort and style seamlessly intertwine as your dog revels in a combination of both. Select a color that resonates with your dog's personality, allowing them to shine in an ensemble that's uniquely tailored to them. Embellish your furry friend's fashion with the Coastal® Jeweled Dog Collar, where style, durability, and sparkle harmoniously unite.


Bright Colors.


Great dog collar for everyday use and style.