Round Cat Bells

by Coastal

Round Cat Bells

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  • Pack of 3 bells

  • 1/2" diameter

  • Easily attaches to d-ring

  • Alerts you to your cat's whereabouts

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Coastal® Round Cat Bells are the perfect accessory to keep track of your feline friend's movements and provide you with peace of mind. These bells are specifically designed to attach effortlessly to the D-ring of your cat's collar, ensuring that you can easily locate and monitor your beloved pet's whereabouts. With the Round Cat Bells, you'll never have to worry about losing sight of your curious kitty. The gentle jingling sound produced by these bells serves as a clear audible signal, alerting you whenever your cat is on the move. This feature not only helps you keep tabs on their location but also assists in preventing any potential mishaps or accidental encounters. Each pack of Round Cat Bells contains three bells, ensuring you have extras on hand or the option to attach them to multiple collars. These bells are thoughtfully crafted, measuring 1/2"" wide, which strikes a perfect balance between providing an audible alert without being overly intrusive or uncomfortable for your furry companion. Don't let your cat's stealthy nature keep you guessing about their whereabouts any longer. Enhance their safety and your peace of mind with the Round Cat Bells—a simple yet invaluable accessory that keeps your feline friend close at hand, even when they're on the move.


Ideal for everyday use.