Herm. Sprenger Ultra-Plus Black Stainless Dog Prong Training Collar

by Herm. Sprenger

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Herm. Sprenger® Ultra-Plus Black Stainless Dog Prong Training Collar

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  • Designed to help you train your dog—especially commands like heel, sit and stay.

  • Features a solid fastener plate that helps both you and your pup feel secure.

  • Black steel plating blends well with brown fur, so it's ideal for breeds with dark hair.

  • Great for walking strong pullers and large dogs, or during obedience training.

  • Replacement links are available to increase collar size.

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Experience the safety, practicality, and user-friendliness of the Herm. Sprenger Black Stainless Ultra-Plus Dog Prong Training Collar. This training collar is designed with your dog's well-being in mind, offering a combination of security, ease of use, and comfort. The standout feature of this collar is the solid fastener plate, which guarantees a secure connection, simplifying the process of fastening the collar around your dog's neck while ensuring safety. Rounded safety tips add an extra layer of comfort for your furry companion, prioritizing their ease of wear during training sessions. Crafted from stainless steel, this collar not only resists rust but also stands up to exposure to sea water, making it a durable and reliable choice even in outdoor or wet environments. Herm. Sprenger's commitment to excellence extends to their line of high-quality, specialty chain training products, of which the Black Stainless Ultra-Plus Dog Prong Training Collar is a prime example.


Safe, effective dog training tools with proper use.