Inspire Adjustable Dog Harness with Handle

by Inspire

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Inspire Adjustable Dog Harness with Handle
Inspire Adjustable Dog Harness with Handle
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  • Safe, secure fit with fully adjustable design.

  • Superior comfort with plush padded material.

  • Easy-to-adjust design with innovative hardware.

  • Bold, colorful options to complement your dog's style.

  • Designed to match Inspire collars and leashes for a complete look.

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High End Extra Touches

Innovative hardware makes removing and adjusting the harness hassle-free, alligator clips make leash attachment a breeze and a seperate ID loop for the collar are finishing touches that put this product line above the rest.
Extra plush neoprene added to key touchpoints means extra comfort for everyoneBold jewel tones were inspired by the runwaySeparate ID loop means less clanking with your leashHandle on the harness gives you extra control in any situationCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Inspired by pets!

When developing products, we are just as inspired by pets as the people in their lives. That's what triggered a line focused on going that extra step to achieve comfort for everyone. Padded handles, fully adjustable harnesses and lined collars are just some of the features that set the Inspire line apart.

You're a Traditionalist

There are no bounds on the size shape or age of a traditional pet, they are just excited to love you back. As a traditionalist dog owner, you bring pets into your life for all the classic reasons, to teach kids responsibility, to provide companionship or to just add another slightly furrier member of the family. You don’t need a lot of bells, whistles or frills to show how much you love your dog, just high quality basics.


Get a secure, comfortable fit for your dog with the Inspire Harness! The fully adjustable apparel style harness ensures you can get the perfect fit. The harness is designed to gently guide your dog and prevent rough, uncomfortable tugging. Your dog will love the soft padding with its super plush neoprene material. Plus, the innovative hardware makes removing and adjusting the harness hassle-free. Get yours in one of our bold color options and pair it with a matching Inspire Collar and Leash!


Front-connect D-ring. Bold, Classic Colors.

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Customer Reviews

Ringo and Reba - Mar 19 2021

We love the Inspire harnesses!

These harnesses are pawfect for us. The handle on the back makes it easy for our pawrents to get ahold of us at anytime. We have the red and green ones, so they are pawfect for special holidays like Christmas, St. Patrick's Day and Valentine's Day! The padding helps us stay comfy, too.

Lylie-pier joly - Mar 12 2021


Among the products that Bella uses, our favorite is definitely the harness! It is perfect, it does not hinder her in its movements, very comfortable and what I like is that it is adjustable, practical with a growing puppy !!

Jenna - Mar 9 2021

Awesome harness

This has changed everything for me and my puppy! We use the front clip for walks, and heâ??s walking like a dream. And the back clip is perfect for his car seatbelt. It fits him perfectly and I love how easy it is to get on and off. And the handle is an added bonus!

Catharine - Mar 7 2021

Great harness for large dogs

After trying more than 6 harnesses our on my 3 year old lab this is the ONLY harness that allowed freedom of movement, didnâ??t rub and create issues for her either. It is easy to clean,very durable and give me complete control when walking her either on back clip, front clip or both. Worth the cost. I have purchased 2 of these and each one has been great. Sizing for us was key so proper measuring is important. Great product

Bonnie - Jan 26 2020

Coastal inspire

I agree , taking this back immediately

Rachel - Sep 27 2019

Waste of money

Horrible design, according to the instructions the handle is supposed to be behind the metal loop. The leash is supposed to connect at the base of the neck. Meaning when you grab the handle your pulling against the sowing. It doesn't feel smooth. It made my dog have a hard time walking. And when worn the reverse way, with the handle at the base of the neck instead of in the middle of the back. If I try to pull up on the handle my dog shows signs of choking. The top part is too close against her neck and too tight. and if you make it too loose she'll slip out of it. Horrible design.