Li'l Pals Round Dog Bells

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

Li'l Pals® Round Dog Bells

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  • 1/2" bells are perfect for small pets

  • Bells easily attach to the d-ring of your pet's collar

  • Durable metal bells let you know where your small pet is

  • Find a complete range of collars, leashes, harnesses, and more for your Li'l Pal

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee

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Effortlessly keep tabs on your canine companions with the Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Dog Bells – the ultimate identification solution. This 3-pack of 1/2" bells is tailor-made for petite pup collars, offering a seamless integration of style and functionality. Easily attachable to the D-ring of the dog collar, these bells serve as an audible marker, providing you with immediate awareness of your dog's movements. Li'l Pals® by Coastal® is a brand committed to catering to the needs of smaller pups, and these bells are part of a comprehensive range of top-tier products. Elevate your dog's safety and your peace of mind with the Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Dog Bells – a harmonious blend of practicality and quality crafted for the comfort of your pint-sized furry companions.


Ideal for everyday use.