Li'l Pals Plush and Vinyl Dog Toy

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

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Li'l Pals® Plush and Vinyl Dog Toy

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  • Perfectly sized for small dogs and puppies.

  • Combination of soft plush and smooth vinyl materials offers added stimulation.

  • Durable construction withstands rough tugging, chewing and scratching.

  • Engaging squeaker toy provides added fun.

  • Encourages interactive play and exercise.

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Li'l Pals

Perfect products for petite pups

Small breeds and young pets offer their own challenges and specific needs. Coastal Pet is looking out for the little guys with our Li’l Pals brand of products. This includes collars, leashes, harness, toys and grooming tools designed just for them.
Easy to use hardware means smaller clasps aren't a problemStart with Li'l Pals products and grow into our other brands, like Styles, Safari or RascalsDon't shy away from embellishments and glitter to show off that big personalityCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee

Still growing or permanently petite?

Whether it’s a puppy on their way to bigger things or a small but mighty breed, big love comes from these petite pups. To celebrate these fur-real friendships, we've created a brand of products specifically for smaller anatomy. Li’l Pals by Coastal features thinner collars, smaller toys, and easy to use grooming tools, all backed by more than half a century of pet product knowledge and a quality guarantee.

You Love Your Li'l Pal

Small but mighty, they may be a miniature breed, a kitten, or a puppy from a small to medium breed – either way there is big love coming from these little guys. They often have personalities that compensate for their stature. It’s hard to tell who’s the hero and who’s the side kick in your relationship, so to celebrate the little guys, we've given them their own brand of products.


Unleash your small dog's playful spirit with the Li'l Pals® Plush and Vinyl Dog Toy – a toy designed to provide hours of entertainment and excitement for petite dogs and puppies. This mini toy is crafted with your small companion in mind, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable chewing and play experience. It features a delightful combination of soft plush material and smooth vinyl accents, offering a range of engaging textures that will keep your pup entertained. Durability is a key feature of this toy, as it's constructed to withstand the rigors of rough tugging, chewing, and scratching. It's built to last through countless play sessions, ensuring your dog's enjoyment for a long time to come. To make playtime even more stimulating, the toy includes a squeaker that adds an extra layer of fun and engagement. Choose the Li'l Pals® Plush and Vinyl Dog Toy for endless entertainment and play with your small dog.


Squeaks. Perfect for Small Dogs and Puppies.


For playtime and exercise with small dogs and puppies.