New Earth Soy Comfort Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness

by New Earth

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New Earth® Soy Comfort Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness
New Earth® Soy Comfort Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness
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  • Sustainably-made with eco-friendly soy fibers.

  • Durable material that withstands wear and tear.

  • Soft, cashmere feel.

  • Adjustable sizing for the perfect fit.

  • Antibacterial properties to control odor.

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New Earth Soy

Quality that's more than meets the eye

Quality is also about exploring new materials to make our products. Nylon and polyester are classic, but innovative soy material is the next level for softness and odor resistance. Coastal Pet is the first and only maker of soy collars, leashes and harnesses.
Easy to care forRenewableBio-degradableExcellent moisture absorptionResists odorsCovered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Soy what?

Soy fabric is an eco-friendly fabric made from the hulls of Soy beans. Soy protein is liquefied and then extruded into long, thin filament fibers that are then cut and processed similar to many other natural fibers. The protein is taken from the waste of food production, rather than harvesting the Soy beans especially for this purpose, meaning that nothing is wasted.

You're a Naturalist

The naturalist is all about a clean lifestyle. You look for simple or organic food, prefer farm to table restaurants over chains, try to keep a clear mind and your life as simple and as close to nature as possible. That includes the care of your pet. Soy and leather products from Coastal Pet are a natural approach to collars, leashes and harnesses.


Looking for a durable and eco-friendly alternative to standard dog harnesses? Check out the New Earth® Soy Comfort Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness, made from soy fibers – a natural byproduct of food manufacturing. This soft and comfortable harness is available in three adjustable sizes (12-18", 16-24", 26-38") and a range of classic earth-tone colors. Plus, its antibacterial properties control odors and help keep your dog fresh and clean on every adventure!


Eco-Friendly. Adjustable.


Ideal for everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

Daniel Macy - Aug 12 2021


This company used to make quality products; now they suck with their plastic parts, that break after the first week. Do not buy their garbage, until they go back to making them the way they used to.

Nancy Duccini - Mar 3 2021

Quality and Beauty!

We love the gear we have from coastal pet. They have excellent customer service and they have an excellent assortment of supplies.

Jr - Oct 28 2018

The best harness

Ive used these for years for my Dachshund. Dachshunds are hard to fit, but these adjust in two spots that helps a lot. Ive never had to replace them. They are sturdy and washable, and he thinks they are very comfortable. I get the collar, harness, and leash all the same colors so he looks color coordinated.

Penny - Aug 23 2018

Love them

I have a little dog that is hard to fit but these work very well! She has very little hairunder her front legs and would get raw and sore after a short walk with the nylon ones. So we have 2 and I have had the at least 4 years and they are still in good shape but very faded. So I dyed them and they look almost as good as new. I just wish the good make them cuter

Coastal Pet Products - Sep 29 2017

Quality Guaranteed

Dear Angela Z., All of our products are Quality Guaranteed. If your retailer did not assist you, please call us at (800) 321-0248 and we will be happy to help you out. Thank you.

Tracy Prendergast - Feb 8 2017

How can your dog chew threw a harness?

Well let's just say it is a very well made harness. And if your dog is not well trained or you are not smart enough to train or supervise you dog, they will chew threw any harnesses. I guess you would say, adult supervision required! 

Misty - Dec 20 2016

Good for pigs too

I bought it for my pot belly pig and he doesn't protest too much when I put it on him. And doesn't mind wearing it around at all

Haley - Dec 17 2016


Honestly I love it. Granted my dog doesn't chew his harness but it does get used for at least an hour twice daily. I have a white pitbull hound mix and he is very sensitive skin wise. No rubs, nice and soft, and great for everyday use. Plus I love that it comes in orange so when I'm walking him in the winter it makes him easier to see.

Ashley - Aug 20 2016

Love it

Love it! The color is great and it's extremely soft. When I put it on my dog he perked right up and he had a really high step in his gate. I could just tell that he loved it too. He has had other harnesses that I used when I was fostering him that the shelter has handed to me, and sure he was excited that I put any harness on, but this one was a lot different. I'm very satisfied with this product.

Megan DeCarlo - Mar 15 2016

New Earth Soy Harness

This harness was beautifully soft and such a gorgeous color, but with the fibers being so soft my dog chewed through his 10 minutes after putting it on. We were still in the car after just buying it and put it on him to use with his safety zip line. Never even had a chance to remove the tag..So if your dog or puppy has a tendency to chew maybe try one that's made of more durable material. I'm sure it's a great product but for us it was not right.