Ribbon Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal Buckle

by Ribbon

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Ribbon Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal Buckle

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The Ribbon Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal Buckle provides added style with vibrant, contemporary patterns and is perfect for tie out. Read complete description

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Show off your dog's personal style with the Ribbon Adjustable Dog Collar with Metal Buckle! This dog collar showcases a variety of designs and patterns so you can find just the right style to complement your dog's unique personality. Patterns are screen-printed on the collar's ribbon overlay to make designs more vibrant. Its lightweight aluminum buckles are perfect to safely use for tie out. Plus, the collar adjusts for the perfect fit on dogs of all sizes. Pair with a matching leash and harness to complete the look!

  • Contemporary patterns screen-printed on ribbon overlay for added style.

  • Safe for tie out with lightweight aluminum buckles.

  • Adjustable design provides secure, comfortable fit.

  • Durable material for long-lasting use.

  • Pairs with matching harness and leash for complete look.


Adjustable. Vibrant Patterns. Metal Buckle.


Ideal for everyday use.

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Customer Reviews

karen utter - Feb 4 2017


loved it, good quality. Not happy with the fact that while I was able to get an xx-small harness could not get an xx-small collar to go with the set. I had to go with something cheaper made to try to have a complete set. Can anyone explain this to me?

Joelle - Sep 24 2017

Love the metal hardware

The metal hardware is great!

MaddieSue - Dec 11 2017

Matching collars

You can find matching collars on some websites like the one below. https://www.doggygifts.com I have two full sets. Floral rose and the brown paws and bones. They are fantastic. Collars can fade overtime when worn all the time.