Ribbon Designer Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness

by Ribbon

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Ribbon Designer Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness

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The Ribbon Designer Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness combines nylon and mesh material for a durable but comfortable solution and features fun patterns with coordinating trim. Read complete description

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Give your dog added comfort and style with the Ribbon Designer Wrap Adjustable Dog Harness! This hybrid style harness uses durable nylon and breathable mesh to provide a secure but comfortable fit. The mesh chest pad features vibrant patterned designs to keep your dog cool and stylish. Coordinating trim pairs with patterns to complete the look. You'll love how easy the step-in style design makes this harness to put on and remove. Its adjustable design provides a secure, comfortable fit for dogs of all sizes. Plus, the dual D-rings and snap-lock closure offer extra safety and convenience. Explore the selection of fun styles and use this adjustable dog harness on your next walk!

  • Adjusts for a perfect fit on all dogs.

  • Breathable mesh chest pad keeps dogs cool while walking.

  • Durable nylon straps and dual D-rings provide added strength.

  • Easy to put on with step-in style design.

  • Stylish design with fun patterns and coordinating colored trim.


Step-In Design. Vibrant Patterns. Breathable Mesh.


Ideal for everyday use by dogs of all sizes.

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Customer Reviews

Vince D - Nov 21 2015


Brilliant harness - we have three so that we always have a dry one. Simply wouldn't consider any other harness.

Adam DeMars - Feb 25 2016

Follow up after first review

After submitting my first review I immediately received an email response from Debbie Strader. Not a generic response, a personal response. She assured me that whats most important is my happiness. Cutting to the chase.That initial response from her was the 17th, today on the 24th when I got home from work was an envelope in the mail with a new harness in it. Customer service like this is hard to find and it restores my faith in this great country. Thank you Coastal Pet Products and Debbie Strader for a great product and outstanding customer service. I rated after this experience 5 stars. Being this seems to be a common problem with this harness I would recommend a redesign of the clasp.

Bambi Helms - Jan 22 2017

Best harness ever

I have a 25 lb Franchie and it fits her perfect. I am buying another for our puppy she is an English Bully. Easy to put on looks great.

Sandy - Feb 22 2017


I have bought these harnesses and had the buckle break also I have a mini schnauzer that weighs 10lbs not rough on my stuff st all so was surprised to have it happen in less than 4 mths but I called the company knowing that they stand behind their products as it stated on the package and the sales woman Debbie was the sweetest woman ever! No hassle at all she sent me a new replacement harness out right away I would buy from this company again not only for the warranty issue but because Debbie was really a wonderful person and was concerned for my pets needs!! Thank you Debbie I really wish more companies had employees like you that cared!!!!

Jeanette - Mar 10 2017

Comfortable, easy to adjust harness

We bought this harness in November 2016 and one of the prongs on the clasp broke off in March 2017. The company immediately replaced it with a new one that has a different prong design that is less likely to break. I will buy more products from this company because they have such great customer service! The material of the harness is very high quality and easy to clean.

Carole Leclerc - May 16 2017

Broken harness

Wow! How fast can you get an answer from this company? I wrote a review just a couple of hours ago and got a quick answer back from a representative offering a replacement or refund! Amazing! Very happy with their response; they DO stand behind their quality statement.

Scout McCabe - Nov 11 2017

"I'm styling while wearing my houndstooth harness"

My people parents bought me my second harness in houndstooth fabric and I love it. So cute and easier for pet parents to take me on walks with them which I love, love, love! I have been wearing these since I came home to live with them at 8 weeks and wore an xx-small and now I wear a x-small because I'm growing up so fast (or that's what the pet parents keep saying). I could send you a few photos of how cute I look in them, if you'd like. ~ Scout (I'm a mini-aussie and proud of it).

Linda Deyunn - Mar 6 2018

Great Harness

I saw "Pet Attire" harnesses in our local pet shop 5 years when we adopted our 1st. rescue doggie. I had to special order because they didn't have an XXS. We are still using that harness!!! We have since adopted 2 more little ones. These are the best fitting harnesses ever and easy enough to put on for my husband to use. :-)

Carolina - May 31 2018

Drove all over Montreal to find a new one

This harness is awesome. I have a very small Shitzhu and this is the only harness that fits her. I was really sad when the buckel broke, so I was looking for the same one everywhere. I found it in a very far pet store but I will love to get the yellow/grey one they didn't have it on the XXS. I got the orange with dots she looks beautiful. Thank you for making such a good product.

Mrs. Walker - Apr 7 2019

Best Harness Quality and Durability

We have had our Pet Attire Ribbon Designer Wrap Harness on our dog for over 3 years. NEVER has one lasted so long and been the quality made and durable product that this is! It fits well, looks great and is the very best harness available.

Marie Halle - Jun 30 2019

Comfortable fit on chesty dachshund

Great fit and color on my hard to fit dachshund. The. reflecting fabric is a great touch. Appears comfortable and looks attractive. We got bright blue.

Tracey Warren - Aug 22 2019

The best harness for my dog but.......

These are the ONLY harnesses that fit my chih/yorkie/mutt well! I used to buy at Pet Supplies Plus (no longer have) and have got a couple on Amazon but thats getting harder as I think Ive bought all the XS ones. I want to have back ups, especially with my fave colors because these truly are the best fit for her! I wish they would carry them more places and/or continue making!

Mary - Feb 2 2020

Cant find size in any stores

A local pet store sells this harness, collar and leash but they only ever have size small in the harness I have check in person and call at least once a month since I got my puppy. Asked if there was an order form or anything where I can get her size but no luck!! I have the collar and leash and desperately want the matching harness size large if anyone could help!