Power Walker Dog Retractable Leash

by Coastal

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Power Walker® Dog Retractable Leash
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  • Allows your dogs to run freely and securely with controllable expansion.

  • Soft-grip handle provides comfortable handling.

  • Easy control with smooth stop-and-release button.

  • Prevents dog from becoming entangled during walks.

  • Strong, durable design with all-web construction.

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Give your dog the freedom to explore with the Power Walker® Dog Retractable Leash! The leash's all-web construction ensures secure control over your furry friend, while the reflective stitching improves visibility and safety. You'll love the comfort-grip handle, and your dog will love the ability to run freely without becoming tangled. Maintaining control during your walk is easy with the button's smooth stop-and-release action. Choose your favorite color and use this leash on your next dog walk!


Bold, Classic Colors.


Retractable leashes give your dog more freedom while walking.

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Customer Reviews

Rebecca Yelle - Aug 21 2022

Broken in 2 weeks

I pay extra money for the coastal leashes and have 3 of these and love them. But unfortunately 1 of these has ripped near the end of the leash. I do not have chewers so it was a flaw in the stitching. Please show me some great custo.er service and help me out with this.

Lauren Barnes - Jun 11 2022

Broken button

This was a great leash,I've only had it a couple of months but now the leash is pulled out all the way and for some reason won't retract,This was an expensive leash for my smaller size dog,she is only 29 pounds and so she was well within the weight range,I'm very disappointed and so is she!

Maria - May 26 2022

Power walker leash

Bet disappointed. I have a chaweenie and she likes to chew. She was able to bite thru the leash the first time we used it. I don't have alot of money so I splurged on a good leash. Just to have it not usable.

Bonnie cryer - Jun 5 2021


We have a 12 week old puppy who we are training to be on a leash. She is a puppy so she does like to bite and chew, but we redirect her every time she would chew on the leash. We would have her on leash for only 30 minutes per day while taking a walk. Despite that, she was able to weaken the area of the strap just below the stitching that holds the silver clasp. It completely ripped apart within 2 weeks of us purchasing this leash which was over $30!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!! Will NEVER buy this brand again. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Christopher - Jan 2 2021

Button Broken

Great leash however the button quit working after a month use. I loved this product up until the button quit working.

Phyllis Brown - Feb 5 2020

Love using the power leash

I bought the LRG power walker at tractor supply. Really makes walking a friskey puppy a lot easier. But unfortunately the line broke about 8 inches abouve the clasp. I have tied it together when it broke, and there is another spot that looks like it will be splitting soon. This one is further up on the line and the knot will keep the leash from retracting. Can I please get another line to replace the old one. I payed almost $40.00 for the leash and hate to throw it away. I purchased this leash about 5 weeks ago for a puppy that is a large breed, but only 40 lbs at this time. Thank you, Phyllis Brown 219-345-5192 Lake Village Indiana.

Christopher Hackney - Oct 26 2019

Large retractable leash

Within one month of myself buy to different retractable leash (large breed). My 55 pound boxer destroyed 2 of the leash that are supposed to support a dog of 110 pounds. Very disappointed in these products. Please let me know what I may do about getting both replaced or what else we maybe able to do to resolve this issue?

Krisse Hale - Oct 20 2019

Not retracting anymore

I have this leash for about a year now. Its not retracting anymore. Dont know if has gotten to damp after walking in the rain. I probably overpaid for it since I bought it at Tractor supply. It has been a good one while it worked. The other one we have is working good so far, but it has gotten damp in rain also.

Anna Hill - Mar 28 2019

Excellent customer service

After I wrote a review about my leash that would no longer retract I got a very quick response from the company. They offered to replace the leash and send me a prepaid envelope to return the old one. I had already gone back to the store where I bought it and received a replacement, even without a receipt so I did not need to use their generous offer. This company really stands behind their product and care about their customers' satisfaction. Thank you!

rhonda l pruitt - Jan 1 2019


my leash has worked fine till last night took my dog out and the leash would not go back in lol how do i fix it what do i do there is all this line and it wont roll back in the chamber

Peggy - Dec 16 2018

Great Product but I need a new leash

Great product works wonders, for a large energetic dog. I love the 16 ft length when I'm walking my dog and she's feeling very exuberant I can throw a treat out for her to fetch which we both love to do. Unfortunately, I left it the leash in a bad place to dry the web and she found it and chewed through the line. I need a replacement web leash and don't know where to get one, can someone help.

Gerald Richardson - Apr 16 2018

Replacement EXCELLENT costomer service

After I had a bad issue with the first 2 leashes bought at the same time I reached out and the customer support is GREAT (Jen and Brooke) . They are great Jen the email I sent about receiving them has a vid of the dogs LOVING the box that they came in. please forward to Brooke and all they

Theresa Doria - Jul 29 2017

How do I replace the tape

Love my coastal retractable leash. Sadly my puppy chewed the line I cut and reattach the hook twice, now. I would love to replace the rest of the badly chewed line. It's only 7 months old and works great I hate to buy a new one.

Dan Blessing - Jul 24 2017

Leash almost chewed in two.

Hello; my dog and I go for walks every morning and evening. He is a beagle and loves to walk, I have a very old retractable leash that I have pieced together time and time again. My wife bought me a brand new Coastal M red in color retractable leash 30 some dollars !!! My dog and I used it once and Earl my dog almost chewed the new cord in -two, I wasn't paying attention!!! Is there any possible way I could get a new cord hate to just throw this one away or patch it like I've been patching the old one.Thank You for your time Dan&Earl Blessing !!

Anthony Dale Enloe - Jan 11 2017

Replacement Leash

You know every now and then something very nice happens when one feels they have been taken advantage of in the purchase of a product. On 1/10/17 I drafted a negative review and forwarded it to Coastal Pet Products thinking that I had probably wasted my time. Boy was I ever wrong! Within two hours of that review I received a reply from a very nice lady named Debra Strader ASC who requested shipping info., so that a new leash could be sent. My choice of color and weight. Do I need to explain to anyone why I will continue to buy CCP products. Why can't more companies be like Coastal Pet Products who stand behind what they sell. Thanks to all at Coastal for renewing my faith in people. HAVE A GREAT DAY!!