Safe Cat Fashion Adjustable Breakaway Collar

by Safe Cat

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Safe Cat® Fashion Adjustable Breakaway Collar
Safe Cat® Fashion Adjustable Breakaway Collar
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  • Stylish design with color-coordinated bell.

  • Maximum safety with pivoting breakaway buckle.

  • Adjustable sizing from 8-12" for the perfect fit.

  • Soft, lightweight material for superior comfort.

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Safe Cat

Back to basics

It's simple really, you bring pets into your life for all the classic reasons; to teach kids responsibility, to provide companionship or to just add another slightly furrier member of the family. As a cat owner, you rely on safe, comfortable and high quality collars, leashes and harnesses, no extra frills required.
Detailed finishing for comfort, appeal and durability Options that stretch or breakaway for safety Reflective elements for nighttime visibility Snag-proof material to save claws from catching Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Finding your cat's puuurfect fit

Cat collars from Coastal Pet come in 2 fully adjustable sizes, 1 for cats and 1 for kittens. The cat collars are designed to breakaway when worn by cats over 8 lbs. Cats under 8 lbs and kittens should wear kitten collars, which breakaway at 8 lbs or less. Collars should sit higher on a cat’s neck. Be sure to measure here when determining how to size the collar. A collar, as well as harness straps, should allow for no more than two fingers to slide between the collar or harness and the cat’s body. Harnesses also typically come in one size for either cats or kittens, except for the wrap style harness that comes in small or medium.

You're a Traditionalist

here are no bounds on the size shape or age of a traditional pet, they are just excited to love you back. As a traditionalist dog owner, you bring pets into your life for all the classic reasons, to teach kids responsibility, to provide companionship or to just add another slightly furrier member of the family. You don’t need a lot of bells, whistles or frills to show how much you love your dog, just high quality basics..


Give your cat some flare with the Safe Cat® Fashion Adjustable Breakaway Collar. Featuring unique, colorful designs, this collar is perfect for cats with personality. The collar features a color-coordinating bell for a touch of sparkle. Your cat will love the soft, lightweight material. Plus, the adjustable sizing from 8-12" offers the perfect fit. The breakaway buckle keeps your cat safe by quickly releasing if your cat gets caught, allowing him or her to slip free and stay safe. Explore our range of styles!


Breakaway Buckle. Adjustable.


Ideal for fashionable cats and everyday use. Not to be used with a leash or tie-out.

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Customer Reviews

Janice Gullion - Apr 20 2022

Doesnâ??t break away.

I am only giving one star because I have to in order to submit a review. This is not the first Coastal collar to fail at easily, or otherwise, breaking away but it is the first one to nearly choke my cat to death. He got it caught on something in the house that pulled the top portion of the adjustable length through the bucket and tightened the collar around his neck. Not only did the collar not break loose we couldnâ??t get it off of him. No matter how hard we tried. We ended up cutting it off of him. I feel lucky that he was inside with us because had he been outdoors we may not have found him in time. The first collar we had for him also was extremely difficult to pull open. I thought it was just dirty as he was an outside cat at the time but that clearly is not the case. He is inside only and the collar is only two months old. I love the patterns and that they are light weight but I will not purchase from this company until they resolve this life threatening issue.

Finn - Dec 19 2021

Doesnt Break

This literally almost killed my cat. The collar wasnâ??t loose, yet somehow he managed to get it stuck to his bottom jaw. The breakaway did not break away, i had to rush him into the kitchen and cut it with scissors. It is an honest to god miracle he didnâ??t break his jaw or severely injure himself. An absolute safety hazard. Would NOT buy again.

Betty - Jun 9 2019

Doesnt breakaway

We needed to take off our cats collar to put on his new rabies tag. Not only does it not breakaway, no amount of tugging would snap it off, even when my husband tried. Were going to have to cut it off, because we feel it is a safety hazard.

Macie - Jun 28 2017

My favorite collars!

These are my all-time favorite cat collars.

Natalie - Dec 5 2016

Does the job!

I have used these for years with my foster kittens. They have worked great, and even last a while with kittens chewing on them (They love to play with each other's collars). They have come off if the kittens tug hard enough, so I can imagine a grown cat will easily get them off if they get stuck somewhere.

Janet cohren - Oct 3 2015

Cat breakfree. Collar

The best! Attractive durable lightweight narrow works easily to free