Safari by Coastal Dog Nail File

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Safari® by Coastal® Dog Nail File
Safari® by Coastal® Dog Nail File

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  • Conforms to the shape of dog's nails

  • Nail file ensures a smooth finish

  • Removes burs, leaving dog's nails smooth and healthy

  • Do not file in opposite direction of the nail's contour

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Safari® by Coastal® Dog Nail File is designed to gently and effectively file your pet's nails for a smooth and healthy finish. Follow these steps for safe and comfortable nail filing: 1. Prepare Your Pet: Before you begin filing your dog's nails, ensure that your pet is comfortable and relaxed. If your dog is not used to nail filing, introduce the tool gently to avoid any anxiety. 2. Hold the Toe Securely: Hold your dog's toe securely but gently, ensuring that your pet is at ease. 3. File in One Direction: Using the Safari® by Coastal® Dog Nail File, file in a smooth, controlled stroke on the tip of the nail. Always file from the back to the tip, following the natural contour of the nail. Do not file in the opposite direction to avoid causing any discomfort to your pet. 4. Remove Burs: A few gentle strokes on each side of the nail will remove any burs and leave your pet's nails smooth and healthy. Regularly trimming and filing your dog's nails is essential for their comfort and overall health. Additionally, introducing your dog to nail trimming and filing at an early age can help make the experience more enjoyable and strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.


Keeps nails smooth and healthy.