Safari by Coastal Grooming Glove

by Safari

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Safari® by Coastal® Grooming Glove
Safari® by Coastal® Grooming Glove

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  • Removes loose hair and debris from coat

  • Traps hair for easy clean up

  • Promotes stress-free grooming

  • Fits most hand sizes

  • Right hand only

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The Safari® by Coastal® Grooming Glove offers a stress-free grooming experience for your beloved dog. Particularly suitable for dogs that feel anxious around traditional grooming tools, this glove provides the reassuring sensation of your hand, making grooming a breeze. As you gently stroke your dog, the unique tip design of the glove effortlessly penetrates deep into the fur, effectively loosening and removing dirt and debris. Not only does this result in a cleaner coat, but it also stimulates the skin, offering your pet a soothing massage-like experience while promoting a healthy and lustrous topcoat. Designed to accommodate most hand sizes, the glove is equipped with an adjustable wrist strap to prevent slipping, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. This versatile glove is ideal for daily use on various coat types, enabling you to shower your dog with affection while establishing a healthy and enjoyable grooming routine.


Easy to clean.