Insta-Grip Control Handle Dog Leash

by Coastal

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Insta-Grip® Control Handle Dog Leash

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  • Extra control with adjustable sliding handle.

  • Handle designed for comfortable gripping.

  • Long-lasting, durable nylon material.

  • Classic colors and designs.

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Elevate your walk with enhanced control using the Insta-Grip® Control Handle Dog Leash! With its ingenious design, this leash empowers you to effortlessly slide the handle along its length, customizing your grip for optimal control. This adjustable functionality empowers you with added influence over your dog's movements without imposing strain on them. Additionally, the comfort-grip handle ensures a soft and comfortable experience for your hands. Select your preferred color from a range of nylon leashes, allowing you to match your style to your canine companion's. Elevate your walking routine with the Insta-Grip® Control Handle Dog Leash, where innovative design converges with comfort for a seamless and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.


Bold, Classic Colors.


Specialty leash provides comfort and control for enjoyable walks.