Train Right! Deluxe Silent Dog Whistle

by Coastal

Train Right!® Deluxe Silent Dog Whistle

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  • Silently communicate with your dog when out and about.

  • Adjustable tone can be used to train for various tasks.

  • Frequency can travel 900 feet.

  • Includes cap and chain lanyard so you can carry it easily.

  • Complete with pea component so the whistle can be trilled for different sound combinations.

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Enhance your dog training experience with the Train Right!® Deluxe Silent Dog Whistle accompanied by a convenient chain. This innovative whistle boasts an adjustable tone that can be projected over long distances, making it an ideal tool for outdoor training sessions. While the whistle remains inaudible to you, your furry companion will hear it clearly and respond to your commands effectively. With an impressive audible range of up to 900 feet, you can confidently call your dog back during various outdoor activities. Say goodbye to shouting and embrace the silent efficiency of this whistle to foster a stronger bond with your pet and achieve excellent results in their training.


For calling your dog during outdoor activities.