Turbo Teaser with Ribbons

by Turbo

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Turbo® Teaser with Ribbons

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  • Features six colorful ribbons that can be dragged across the floor or waved in the air

  • 19" long handle allows you to get the ribbons high in the air to encourage jumping

  • Ensures cats gets the physical activity they need to stay healthy

  • Enables fun, bonding play sessions between cats and their owners

  • More rewarding than a laser pointer as cats can catch the ribbons in their mouth or with their paws

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Indulge your feline friend in playful excitement with the Turbo® by Coastal® Teaser with Ribbons! Watch as cats can't resist the mesmerizing cascade of colorful ribbons, captivating their curiosity and instinct to play. Whether you make the ribbons slither on the floor or flit through the air, this toy guarantees to get your cat up and moving, providing endless entertainment and exercise. Embrace the joy of watching your cat play and chase after the colorful ribbons, as they tap into their natural hunting instincts and have a blast during playtime. The Turbo® by Coastal® Teaser with Ribbons is the perfect way to keep your cat engaged and active, providing hours of fun and stimulation.


Bright Colors. Colorful, engaging shapes.