Water & Woods Vinyl Dog Training Dummies

by Water & Woods

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Water & Woods™ Vinyl Dog Training Dummies

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  • Designed to be durable and floatable for various retrieval training tasks

  • Features grooves that allow for easy grip and pick-up

  • Can be inflated or deflated to find the perfect fit for your dog's mouth

  • Can be paired with training scents and bands for a more realistic training experience

  • Backed by Coastal Pet's Quality Guarantee

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Introducing the perfect alternative for dogs who dislike foam in their mouths - the Water and Woods® Vinyl Dog Training Dummies! These dummies are a fantastic choice when teaching your pup how to retrieve. Designed with grooves for easy pick up and improved grip, your furry friend will find them comfortable to carry and hold during training sessions. The added benefit of easy inflation and deflation allows you to customize the size to suit your dog's preferences, ensuring the perfect fit. With the Water and Woods® Vinyl Dog Training Dummies, your pup will master the art of retrieval without any discomfort, making training sessions more enjoyable and effective.




Use for retrieval training.