A Message from the Stout Family:

Dear Pet Store Managers and Employees,

Thank you for choosing Coastal Pet as one of your partners! For us this means you’ve put your faith in us to deliver quality products your customers can trust for the pets they love, and in fact that’s our mission each day.

Coastal Pet is a family business that’s grown through our relationships with other family-owned businesses and independent retailers. You’ve supported us for more than half a century and we are here to support you right back.

From collars to grooming tools, our full line of products offers solutions to satisfy customer needs. Dedicated Account Services Coordinators, based right here in the US, are responsible for customer service, customized sales insights and merchandising support.

All products offered are covered by our Quality Guarantee.

Choose to accept returns or not at your discretion, we’ll back you. Our goal is to help position the retailer to be able to do the right thing for their customer that works for their business.

In addition to supporting you through our products and services, we are offering you educational support to help you and your associates provide knowledgeable answers to consumer questions, enhance your retail presence and understand the ins and outs of our unique and innovative designs.