Coastal Pet Products’ Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets

If you’re planning on giving your pet a present this holiday season, you’re not alone!

In 2019, 78% of dog owners and 72% of cat owners purchased a special treat or gift for their pets during the Christmas and Winter holiday season.

How much are pet owners spending? A 2015 survey of dog owners by found that 48% spend between $10 and $25 on a gift for their pooch. A full quarter (26%) spend between $26 and $50. And 11% are splurgers, spending more than $50 on a Christmas present for their dogs.

At Coastal Pet, we’ve got everything pet parents might want for their dog or cat.

Here are our top picks for Christmas gifts your pets will love.

Gifts for the Active Pet

For both dogs and cats, we’re going with a harness. Harnesses make it easier for your active pet to get out there and enjoy all the world has to offer.

Small Dogs: The Li’l Pals Comfort Mesh dog harness gives your small but mighty furball of energy the chance to safely explore the great outdoors. Its mesh fabric keeps your pooch cool on long hikes. It’s easy to put on, comfortable for your small dog to wear, and comes in five design options.

Medium-Sized and Larger Dogs: Active dogs don’t care if the sun’s gone down. They want to be out and about at all hours. The K9 Explorer Brights Reflective Front-Connect Harness is perfect for those early-morning or late-evening explorations! The reflective material stands out in the dark, giving drivers the heads up they need to avoid your pup. Comes in six super bright colors.

Cats: Not every cat wants to get out and explore, but if your kitty loves his outdoor adventures, this Comfort Soft Adjustable Cat Harness is perfect. It’s lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable in all seasons. And its step-in design makes it a snap to put on. Comes in four colors. 

Gifts for the Couch Potato Pet

Who doesn’t love to snuggle with their dog or cat on the couch? But even couch potatoes need exercise. These Christmas gifts are designed to get your lazy best bud moving.

Dogs: What we love about the Rascals Fetch Toy Tug Toy is that it works for all dogs. Throw it to engage your pup’s retriever instinct. Or use it for tug-of-war to engage his predatory nature. For tug-of-war, your couch potato pup doesn’t even have to get off the sofa to play!

Cats: Ever play footsie with your cat? You know, where you move your foot under the blanket and your cat pounces. No cat can resist the mysterious movement of a hidden object and the Turbo Random Roller Cat toy offers this exact enticement! The battery-powered ball “hides” inside the cover and rolls around, simulating the look of moving prey to trigger your cat’s hunting instincts.

Gifts for the Fashionista Pet

Convinced your pooch or kitty was a fashion model in a former life? If your pet loves nothing more than being noticed, we’ve got a closetful of fashionable accessories to choose from.

Dogs: With a name like the Styles Dog Leash, you know it’s got to be stylish. From colorful paw prints and wildflowers to black and white skull and crossbones and pretty pink polka dots, there’s something to match your dog’s every fashion mood. 

Cat: Your cat wouldn’t be caught dead in a plain Jane cat collar? Add some sparkle to your kitty’s catwalk with the Safe Cat Jeweled Buckle Adjustable Breakaway Cat Collar. Available in 10 sparkly color options, all with a jeweled buckle for that extra bit of bling.

Gifts for the Nervous Pet

Not every pet is a brave explorer ready to take on the world. For these nervous nellies, we’ve got a few options we know can help.

Dogs: Dogs build confidence by doing things right and receiving praise from their owners. Activities like agility and obedience training are great confidence builders. Having a pouch, like the Multi-Function Treat Bag, to keep treats handy and ready for positive reinforcement is a must.

Cats: If you’ve got a high-strung kitty, a little relaxation might be in order. With the Turbo Cat Grass growing kit, you can provide a healthy and relaxing treat for your fur ball. Munching on cat grass helps cut down the stress. Plus, it’s great for their tummies. Refill as needed.

Gifts for the Too-Furry Pet

According to the Packaged Facts survey mentioned above, four in five dog and cat owners want to pamper their pets for the holiday season. Whether that's you, too. Or, you’d simply be happier with less fur flying around, we’ve got just the thing.

Dogs: There’s a reason we call the Safari Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool magic. It does wonders for getting through tough tangles and stubborn mats. The stainless steel blades glide through your pup’s fur without pulling or scratching, making it a pleasant experience for both of you. Available for dogs with medium to long hair, as well as for dogs with short to medium hair.

Cats: We've also got a Safari Shed Magic De-Shedding Tool for cats.  But to keep things interesting, we’re recommending the Safari Cat Shedding Comb. It can be used on cats with all lengths of fur and is particularly great for cats with double or triple coats. The long teeth of the comb penetrate deep to lift out any loose hairs, while the short teeth collect hair from the upper layers.

Gifts for the Jet-Setting Pet

The backyard or dog park isn’t far enough for some adventure-loving pets (and their humans). If you and your furry best friend fit into this category, here are a few Christmas gift options to choose from. 

Small Dogs: The Bergan Booster Pet Carrier makes traveling comfortable for your little buddy, whether you’re road-tripping it or jetting off to Aspen. It’s soft-sided and has a padded base. Plus, the mesh openings provide clear visibility and breathability. It’s compliant with most U.S.-based airline rules for in-cabin plane travel. And, can be easily attached to a backseat using a seatbelt connector.

Medium-Sized and Larger Dogs: Stopping for snacks is an integral part of the travel experience. To ensure your bestie gets in on the action, we suggest this easy-to-carry Bergan Collapsible Travel Bowl. You can use it for food or water and because it’s made of silicone, it’s super easy to clean.

Cats: For the globe-trotting kitty, we recommend the Bergan Cat Carrier. The unique panoramic viewing window allows for nearly 360-degree views. Like all Bergan carriers, it’s compliant with most U.S.-based airlines for in-cabin air travel. Plus, it’s got mesh windows for lots of ventilation.