Toys that are the Cat’s Meow

Cats are naturally curious creatures, and their curiosity can lead them to want to explore off-limits areas or play with off-limits household items. If you own a cat – or multiple cats – it is important to have cat toys to provide exercise and entertainment. Cat toys also allow cats an approved scratching area (that’s not your furniture or woodwork) and stimulate their natural urge to hunt.

Our Turbo® collection offers a full assortment of interactive, entertaining, and stimulating toys for kittens and cats. Here are a few of our favorite cat toys to keep your feline focused on fun.

Turbo Scratcher®

The Turbo Scratcher® has it all – race track, scratchpad, and catnip. Cats love spinning the ball around the track and digging their claws into the center scratchpad. Add the included catnip to give your cat a boost of energy during playtime.

Replacement pads and balls are available to ensure long-lasting use so the fun never ends.

Turbo® Transform It!

The Turbo® Transform It! is four toys in one for endless fun. This tower toy transforms into four different shapes so it can be used whether your cat wants to scratch, play, or lounge. It can be used as a standalone, or fit into the center of a Turbo Scratcher® toy mentioned above. It even comes with a racing ball to use on some of the set ups for more active play.

One customer said: “This is the most unusual and thoughtful cat toy I’ve ever seen. It’s fun to transform it into different shapes. Who would have thought?! Such a cool and awesome invention: intriguing for humans and beneficial for cats. Thank you for caring about cats.” – Annie Bruce

Turbo® Telescoping Flying Teaser

If your cat likes to jump and chase, then the Turbo® Telescoping Flying Teaser will keep them active during playtime. The dangling, feathery bird-like element brings out your cat’s natural inner hunting instincts. The engaging “flying noise” adds another element of fun. Feather replacements are available when the original feather element is worn down from hours of play and exercise.

Turbo® Random Fun Toys

Each cat is unique, so the toys they play with should have unique features as well. Turbo® Random Fun Toys come in a variety of shapes and textures to entice cats to play. From monkeys and fish to monsters and mice, this collection has a toy for any cat that will encourage active play and exercise. Plus, the long-lasting North American catnip gives added mental stimulation to playtime. 

Turbo® Catnip Belly Critters

Catnip … critters? Say no more! Your cat will love these toys that feature a catnip belly that holds premium North American catnip to energize during playtime. You will love that each toy coms with two additional catnip pouches that are easy to replace by simply opening the back of the toy and replacing. Choose from a mouse, hedgehog, squirrel, duck, or all of them!

Turbo® Assorted Ball Cat Toys

Sometimes, simple is best. Turbo® Assorted Ball Cat Toys are made from a variety of engaging materials including feathers, sponge, plastic, and fuzzy fabrics to suit your feline’s fancy. Cats will love the way the call toys bounce, roll, and twirl encouraging them to chase and play. Some even feature a bell for added stimulation.

Turbo® Vibrating Cat Toys

These are for the hunters. Turbo® Vibrating Cat Toys wiggle and shake when you pull the tail, giving them a lifelike movement your cat will love. The toys tap into a cat’s hunting instinct while encouraging active play and exercise and increases mental stimulation.

As a cat owner, you know your cat is content playing with a random rubber band, ball of tinfoil, or other random finds; however, Turbo® cat toys have added features that benefit your cat’s playtime experience. Your cat won’t be able to resist the catnip or interactive elements and you’ll be pleased that they are being active and exercising.