Your Hunting Trip Packing List

Hunting with your dog is an experience where the two of you can bond and enjoy the great outdoors together. Coastal Pet Products created our Water & Woods® collection for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and camouflage lovers. From hunting training to being out in the elements, Water & Woods® has all the products needed during hunting season and beyond.

If you are planning to take your dog on your next hunt, there are some essential items you’ll need to pack.

The Basics

  • Collar
  • Leash
  • Vest
  • Chest Protector

Any time a dog leaves home, having a collar and leash is important. Going on a hunting trip is no different. Just as you wear brightly-colored gear while out on a hunt, your dog should, too. Consider a collar and leash in a neon color to stand out. Water & Woods® even has reflective options for low-light situations and waterproof collars and leashes for muddy, wet scenarios.

For added visibility, we recommend a reflective safety vest. The bright coloring and reflective strips help your dog to be seen while out for a hunt. If you will be heading out where there is branches, briars, and thorns, a chest protector can protect your dog’s chest from cuts without restricting their movement.

The Extras

  • Fowl Trainers
  • Training Dummies
  • Whistle

These items are typically used when training a hunting or retriever dog, but they can still be brought along the day of a hunt. Silent or regular whistles can be used for calling your dog back to you no matter where they roam in the field. Fowl trainers and training dummies are used a lot in the beginning processes of training a dog to retrieve. If you are still working with a younger pup or a dog newer to hunting and retrieving, bring training dummies along with you for some in-field, real world practice.

The Others

  • Travel Water Bowl
  • Waste Bags
  • Car Seat Cover

No packing list for a trip with your dog is complete without these three items. Hunting and retrieving can be hard work, so make sure your dog has adequate water for the trip with a travel water bowl. While enjoying the great outdoors, it is important to clean up after your pets. Take along some waste bags for this reason. Protect your vehicle from mud, muck, water, and dirt with car seat covers. This will help you focus on only needing to clean up yourself and your pup after a long day outdoors.

No matter your reason for an outdoor adventure, Water & Woods® by Coastal Pet Products has all the collars, leashes, and accessories your dog needs for their outdoor lifestyle.