Maslow Elevated Feeder - Multi-Pack

by Maslow

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Maslow™ Elevated Feeder - Multi-Pack

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  • Combines sleek form with function while helping to keep your pet healthy

  • Removable legs allow the feeder to grow with your pet and removable stainless steel bowls make cleaning simple

  • Elevated feeders are commonly recommended by vets for dogs who have joint problems, gastric issues, or who are just having trouble getting down to their food

  • Plastic and metal constructionRemovable stainless steel bowls for easy cleaning

  • Convenient pack of four elevated feeders

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Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with the Maslow® by Coastal® Elevated Feeder, available in three convenient sizes to cater to your pet's needs. This innovative pet accessory not only complements your home decor but also plays a vital role in keeping your furry friend healthy. Adapting to your pet's growth, the removable legs of this feeder ensure that it can evolve alongside your beloved companion. Additionally, the stainless steel bowls are easily detachable, making cleanup a breeze. But why choose an elevated feeder? Veterinarians often recommend them for pets with joint problems, gastric issues, or those who simply struggle to reach their food comfortably. Elevating the food bowl can alleviate strain on your pet's neck and back, promoting a more comfortable dining experience. With the Maslow® by Coastal® Elevated Feeder, you're not just investing in an accessory; you're investing in your pet's well-being. Choose the Maslow® by Coastal® Elevated Feeder and elevate your pet's dining experience today!


Made in America.


Used for elevated feeding and watering.