Herm. Sprenger Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar

by Herm. Sprenger

Herm. Sprenger® Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar

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  • Round chain with short links, making it best for short-haired dogs

  • Stainless steel with high rust resistance for long-term use

  • To determine collar size, measure your dog's neck, then add 4

  • German-made boasting superb craftsmanship and consistent quality control

  • Always consult a dog trainer before using if you are not sure how to use

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The Herm. Sprenger® Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar is a reliable and effective training aid, provided it is used correctly. This collar is particularly useful for teaching your dog essential leash etiquette. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, it boasts exceptional durability, making it suitable for training multiple dogs over an extended period. As with any training tool, it is crucial to measure for the proper fit before using the collar. Ensuring the correct fit will not only enhance its effectiveness but also ensure your dog's safety and comfort during training sessions. With the Herm. Sprenger® Stainless Steel Dog Chain Training Collar, you have a dependable tool at your disposal to teach your dog valuable lessons and establish positive behaviors while maintaining their safety and well-being. Proper use of this training collar will contribute to fostering a stronger bond between you and your canine companion as you navigate the path of effective and respectful training.


Safe, effective dog training tools with proper use.