Herm. Sprenger Dog Chain Training Collar

by Herm. Sprenger

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Herm. Sprenger® Dog Chain Training Collar

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  • To determine collar size needed, add 4" to dog's neck measurement.

  • Designed to help you train your dog—especially when it comes to pulling or tugging.

  • Great for walking strong pullers and large dogs, or training a new pup to heel.

  • Made with pride in Germany, utilizing modern techniques and tight quality control.

  • Safe and convenient training tool when used properly.

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The Herm. Sprenger® Dog Chain Training Collar is a safe, effective training tool with proper use. Sophisticated production techniques, consistent quality control, superb craftsmanship and the highest quality raw materials make Herm. Sprenger German chain products superior. Herm. Sprenger® offers a variety of high-quality, specialty chain products.


Safe, effective dog training tools with proper use.