Li'l Pals Elasticized Safety Kitten Collar with Jeweled Bow

by Li'l Pals - for Dogs

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Li'l Pals® Elasticized Safety Kitten Collar with Jeweled Bow

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  • Trendy bow with dazzling jewel for added style.

  • Easily releases to free cat in case of entanglement.

  • Improved visibility and safety with reflective material.

  • Elastic material provides a comfortable fit throughout the kitten's growth.

  • Completely adjustable design with unique woven material.

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Ensuring the safety and style of your precious kitten is easy with the Li'l Pals® by Coastal® Elasticized Safety Kitten Collar with Jeweled Bow. This collar is designed to be both fashionable and functional. The elasticized feature provides an important safety measure, allowing the collar to expand and release quickly if your kitten becomes entangled, thus reducing the risk of injury. For added safety during nighttime adventures, reflective strands are woven into the collar, improving visibility in low light conditions. Additionally, the adjustable sizing accommodates your growing kitten, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The jeweled bow and bell add a touch of style to keep your kitten looking fabulous while staying safe. Choose your favorite design to give your kitten the perfect blend of safety and fashion.


Adjustable. Reflective. Trendy Embellishments. Perfect for Small Cats and Kittens.


Everyday use for kittens.