Safari Cat Soft Tip Massager

by Safari

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Safari® Cat Soft Tip Massager

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  • Reduces shedding by gently removing excess hair.

  • Dual-sided design features soft rubberized tips of varying lengths to maximize grooming.

  • Perfect for all cat breeds for use on wet or dry coats.

  • Provides a comfortable and enjoyable grooming experience.

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Preserve your cat's luxurious, velvety coat with the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Soft Tip Massager, a grooming essential designed to prioritize your cat's comfort. Crafted for a soothing experience, this grooming tool boasts soft rubberized tips on both sides, ensuring a gentle touch that your cat will appreciate. The massager's ingenious design incorporates varying tip lengths, adeptly removing excess hair while providing an effective yet gentle grooming session. Suited for all cat breeds, this massager's versatility knows no bounds. Whether your cat sports long or short fur, the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Soft Tip Massager caters to their grooming needs. Furthermore, this tool's adaptability extends to both wet and dry coats, making it a versatile companion in your grooming routine. Integrate the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Soft Tip Massager into your cat's grooming regimen, and elevate their well-being and appearance with this thoughtful grooming tool that's tailored to offer the utmost comfort and care.


Great for Short Hair. Great for Long Hair.


Reduces shedding. For all types of cat coats.