Safari by Coastal Double-Sided Cat Flea Comb

by Safari

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Safari® by Coastal® Double-Sided Cat Flea Comb

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  • Helps detect fleas early to prevent further infestation.

  • Identifies dry, flaky skin to help reduce skin irritation.

  • Perfect for both short-haired and long-haired breeds.

  • Keeps cats healthy and beautiful.

  • Removes pests from your cat's coat without irritating flea-bitten skin.

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Prevent the hassle of dealing with fleas by using the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Flea Combs! These specially designed combs offer an early detection method to help you identify fleas promptly, allowing you to take action to prevent further spreading and infestations. The comb's bristles are crafted to reach deep into your cat's coat and effectively pull out fleas. It's a simple process – just brush through your cats's fur and dip the comb into a cup of water with mild detergent between strokes to capture any fleas. In addition to detecting fleas, these combs also help identify dry, flaky skin in its early stages. This enables you to provide treatment before your cat experiences further discomfort. Especially during flea season in the spring and summer, these flea combs are essential for maintaining your cat's well-being. Make using these combs a regular part of your cat's grooming routine to ensure a happy, healthy pet and a flea-free home!


Flea Removal.


Removes fleas and debris.