The Importance of Kitten Collars

Collars are commonly seen on dogs of all sizes and even on some cats, but should your kitten wear a collar? The short answer is yes! As tiny as kittens can be, wearing a collar is important for a variety of reasons and it is best to familiarize them with one at an early age.

What type of collar should a kitten wear?

As with regular cat collars, it is recommended kittens wear collars with a safety “breakaway” feature or elasticity to avoid entanglement.

For young kittens and petite cats, Li’l Pals® by Coastal features a variety of collars that are perfectly sized for smaller felines. The collection features breakaway collars, elastic collars, and even collars that feature bows or other fun embellishments for added personality.

When should a kitten begin wearing a collar?

The sooner you can introduce your kitten to a collar, the easier it will be. With time your kitten will not even realize the collar is on.

However, your kitten’s weight is important for the safety feature of the breakaway collars to function properly. For example, the Li’l Pals® breakaway collar is designed to safely breakaway on cats or kittens that are 6-8 pounds. If a kitten weighs less than that or is wearing a collar made for use by adult cats, the collar may not function as designed if they become snagged or tangled on something.

How should a collar fit a kitten?

Collars should have a good, snug fit around the kitten’s neck. A snug fit helps the collar avoid catching on things or slipping off. It is recommended to fit one or two fingers under the collar for a proper fit.

Kittens grow quickly, so you should check the fit periodically to ensure it is not too tight. For this reason, fully adjustable kitten collars are an excellent choice as they can be adjusted over time. Once a kitten collar is at its maximum length adjustment, it is time to graduate to adult cat sized collars.

For a kitten, a lightweight collar is recommended as they are still growing and added strain on the neck should be avoided.

What other features should a kitten collar have?

ID tag: Even if your kitten is going to remain exclusively indoors, it is important to have an ID tag to help identify them should anything happen. Microchipping is a good option as well; however, it is not the quickest way for neighbors to identify a curious kitten should yours decide to explore outdoors.

Bell: A bell accessory on a kitten collar makes it easy for you to know where your kitten is. For the times when you may not be able to see your kitten, you can hear them with the bell attached to their collar.

Rounded design: For longer haired kittens and cats, a rounded collar can help prevent their fur from tangling. A collar with this feature could help save you time on grooming out any tangles and keep your kitten safe.

From kittenhood to cathood, Coastal Pet Products has the quality items you need to ensure your feline is living a safe, healthy, and fashionable life.