Welcoming a Kitten into your Home

Spring and Summer bring many wonderful things: nice weather, green grass, blooming flowers – and kittens! Most of the United States experience an increase in kittens born throughout the Spring and Summer months. If you are planning on adding a feline friend to your family, below is a list of supplies you’ll need to prepare for their arrival.


First thing’s first – you need a secure way to bring your kitten home. Not to mention you will likely need to transport your pet to vet appointments and places like the groomer throughout their life. Look for a carrier that allows room for your kitten as they grow. It is your preference as to which features you look for in a carrier, but make sure no matter the type it has secure closures and can support your pet through transport. Bergan® by Coastal offers a variety of carrier types to start your search.

Black and white cat wearing polka dot collar
Collar and ID Tag

You may know that collars and ID tags are important for dogs, but they are just as important for cats, too! It is good practice to get your kitten acclimated to wearing a collar as early as possible. Thankfully, Li’l Pals® is a collection of products sized perfectly for kittens to get started early on. The collars feature bells that help you hear where your kitten is at throughout your home. Keep in mind to only use kitten/cat-specific collars as many have safety features like a breakaway buckle or stretchy material that allow for escape should they become tangled while wearing. An ID tag is necessary should your kitten ever escape the comforts of home. Having an up-to-date phone number on the ID tag means you’ll be notified if someone finds your curious kitten.

Food, Water, and Bowls

Check with where you are obtaining your kitten from to know what kind of food they’ve been eating and how often. Stocking up on the same food to give them at home will make for an easy transition. A trusted veterinarian can also make recommendations based on your kittens age, breed, and other factors. Smaller, shallow, stainless-steel bowls are good to start out with so your kitten can reach their food and water. Plus, stainless steel bowls like those by Maslow® are dishwasher safe and resist corrosion for longtime use. 

Litter and Litter Box

Nature calls! And when it does, it’s best to have a litter box ready for your kitten to use. If you are unsure of what kind of litter to start out with, reach out to the source where you are getting your kitten to see what they are currently using. It may be best to start with a smaller, shallower litter box for small kittens so it’s more accessible, then move to a larger box when they grow. Don’t forget a litter rake or scooper for easy cleaning!

Grooming Tools

Fur, nails, and fleas – oh my! Whether it’s normal maintenance of nails and fur or detailed attention to combat pesky fleas, having basic grooming tools to use at home is a must. Li’l Pals offers a selection of grooming tools paired down in size that are great to use on kittens. Brushes, combs, nail trimmers, and other tools will keep your kitten looking and feeling their best in the comfort of home. It’s a good practice to introduce them to grooming at a young age so it becomes part of their normal routine. For problem areas or specific coat types, consult a trusted local groomer for assistance.


Stock up on toys for that crazy kitten energy! Consider starting out with items like scratchers and teasers for mentally stimulating and fun play. Plus, scratchers can help your kitten learn to scratch their toys and not furniture or other household items. As your kitten gets older, incorporate toys with catnip into the mix for endless entertainment. Turbo® by Coastal offers a wide assortment of cat toys to keep kittens and cats entertained and exercised throughout their life.

Bed and Blankets

For cat naps throughout the day and a cozy spot at night, provide your kitten with a space that’s their own with blankets or a pet bed. Creating a space where your kitten can go to relax on their own will help them acclimate to their new home and provide a feeling of security. Check with your favorite local pet product retailer for any recommendations.

Kittens bring so much joy and fun to a home, it’s expected to be excited for the arrival of your new feline friend. Simply take a few days before their arrival to make sure you have all the supplies you need to make it an easy transition for them and yourself. Along with supplies, don’t forget to “kitten proof” your home by checking for exposed wires, toxic plants, and any other hazards that may intrigue a curious kitten. Enjoy the pawsitively purrrrfect experience of adding a kitten to your home!