Safari Cat Shedding Blade

by Safari

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Safari® Cat Shedding Blade

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  • Reduces shedding to keep your cat and home clean.

  • Gently removes excess hair with its stainless steel blade.

  • Prevents hairballs and promotes health.

  • Keeps your cat's coat healthy and beautiful.

  • Perfect for a variety of coat types.

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Maintain your cat's coat in pristine condition with the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Shedding Blade, a valuable tool in your grooming routine! Crafted with a stainless steel blade, this shedding blade efficiently removes excess hair, effectively keeping your cat and your home clean. By reducing shedding, it also plays a role in preventing hairballs, particularly for cats with all coat types. Regular use of this shedding blade will enhance the overall look and feel of your cat's coat, leaving it clean, soft, and beautiful. Utilizing the shedding blade is simple and straightforward. Start by pulling the toothed side of the blade through your cat's coat from head to tail. To complete the grooming process, attend to the chest, underbelly, and hind legs. Incorporate the Safari® by Coastal® Cat Shedding Blade into your regular grooming routine to ensure that your cat enjoys a healthy, beautiful coat and a comfortable, happy life.


Stainless Steel. Great for Short Hair. Great for Long Hair.


Minimizes shedding and reduces hairballs.