Holt Adjustable Dog Control Harness

by Holt

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Holt® Adjustable Dog Control Harness
Holt® Adjustable Dog Control Harness
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  • Applies even pressure without pinching behind your dog's legs

  • This dog control harness will help make walks an enjoyable experience for you and your dog

  • Easily calms rambunctious dogs for a pleasant walk

  • Instructions included for ease of use

  • Covered by Coastal's Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Holt Adjustable Control Dog Harness is engineered to apply even pressure without pinching behind the dog's front legs. It easily calms over-boisterous dogs. Convenient instruction tabs are included for ease of use. Available in SML 14", MED 20" and LRG 26". This dog control harness will help make walks an enjoyable experience for you and your dog.


Control harness for enjoyable walks.

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Customer Reviews

Josephine Parks - Jun 3 2017

Holt Harness

My son bought the Holt Harness for me 7 years ago, when he brought me a Belgian Shepherd he had rescued from an abusive home. At the time I was 76 and he was afraid she would be too much for me (she was only a year old and pretty strong). I could not figure out how to put the harness on her, I thought it had to go across the chest, so I just hung it us and used the traditional collar and leash. It didn't take her long to realize I was old and she had to stay close to me. I never thought of the leash again. This past week, a neighbor came to me and asked if I could keep her dog with me until she and the family returned from Germany where she was from. They were going home to her brother's wedding and would return in 3 weeks. They have a Lab mix, he weighs 93 lbs. and is only 4 years old. Very strong and excitable. The first day on a regular collar & leash he pulled so hard I almost went flying and wrapped the leash around my hand to shorten his distance and stop him. Once he was in control and I got him back into the house I saw I had a broken blood vessel in my hand. I told this to another neighbor and he told me about a leash that goes over the shoulders. I then remembered the leash hanging in my closet. My neighbor came in with me and showed me how to put the leash on the Lab. Then he took the dog out and he walked like a well trained dog. Since then, I use it every day and he even offers me his paw so I can put it through the loop. He loves the leash and of course I do too. When they return from Germany, I am going to give them the leash as a gift. I have seen the young woman being tugged by him before, I'm sure she will love it. I'm 83 now and my dog is 8, I hope we both last as long as each other. But if I ever get another dog, believe me I will get another Holt Harness, I do not need it for my baby because she and I understand each other and she behaves beautifully. Thank You for the Wonderful Harness it is really a miracle worker.

Robin Eddington - Apr 7 2017

Best harness ever

This has got to be the most comfortable harness any of my dogs has ever had. 100% adjustable and no buckles or clips to rub when they walk. Slides on easily over their head.

Crystal - Dec 24 2016

Works Awesome

We first started using the holt for our newly adopted rescue because she pulled so much she would gasp. We since have used it on the dogs that we foster for the local rescue group. It takes an uncontrolled dog to submissive instantly...RECOMMENDED 100% it makes them feel Their own strength with the tension and when they ease up so does it...all on its own