EZ Change Dog ID Clip with Silencer

by EZ Change

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EZ Change® Dog ID Clip with Silencer

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  • Includes Silencer to reduce tag jingle.

  • Built-in clasp eliminates broken nails and pinched fingers, and easily attaches to the collar D-ring.

  • Allows you to quickly change tags from collar to collar, or switch out old tags with new info.

  • Sturdy design keeps tags secure, and the nickel material will not rust.

  • Comes in a set of two so it's great for multi-dog households or dogs with multiple collars.

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The EZ Change ID Clip with Silencer makes updating dog's identification tags quick and easy. The simple, tangle-free clips caneasily be moved from one collar to another when it's time for a collarupdate, or time to switch out identification tags with updated information. Clips attach to collar D-ring for quick identification ofpet. The silencer helps to minimize noise when multiple tags are on the ID clip.


Ideal for everyday use.