Sunburst Dog Collar with Bone Buckle

by Sunburst

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Sunburst® Dog Collar with Bone Buckle
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The Sunburst® Dog Collar with Bone Buckle helps puppies grow in style with its completely adjustable design and colorful, braided pattern with accent buckle. Read complete description

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Help your pup grow in style with the Sunburst® Dog Collar with Bone Buckle! This unique nylon collar is perfect for puppies with its completely adjustable design. Instead of pre-set holes, the buckle naturally seeks its own hole for a perfect fit through all stages of your puppy's growth. You won't have to sacrifice comfort for style with this collar, which features bright colors and a beautiful braided design. Plus, its decorative bone-shaped enamel buckle offers a fun accent. Choose a Sunburst Dog Collar in your favorite color for your growing puppy!

  • Perfect collar for growing puppies and small dogs.

  • Completely adjustable design with no pre-set holes.

  • Soft, braided nylon material provides comfort and style.

  • Fun accent piece with decorative bone-shaped enamel buckle.

  • Vibrant colors to match your puppy's energetic personality.


Perfect for Small Dogs and Puppies. Adjustable. Bright Colors.


Ideal for everyday use. Great for growing puppies and small dogs.

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Customer Reviews

Cherie - Mar 26 2019

Solved our issue

We have a small 6# papillon-chihuahua mix who's deals with sensitive skin issues. We noticed her old collars were rubbing raw spots along her neck due to the rigid sides. The vet suggested finding a softer sided collar. Easier said than done. Finally found this Sunburst collar at a locally owned pet store for a very reasonable price so after her necked healed, we decided to give it a try. We have had no further issues with raw spots. Went out and bought a new one yesterday...but only because I was tired of the old color. The collar itself is still in good shape.