Sunburst Dog Collar with Bone Buckle

by Sunburst

Sunburst® Dog Collar with Bone Buckle
Sunburst® Dog Collar with Bone Buckle
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  • Perfect collar for growing puppies and small dogs.

  • Completely adjustable design with no pre-set holes.

  • Soft, braided nylon material provides comfort and style.

  • Fun accent piece with decorative bone-shaped enamel buckle.

  • Vibrant colors to match your puppy's energetic personality.

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Help your pup grow in style with the Sunburst® Dog Collar with Bone Buckle! This unique nylon collar is perfect for puppies with its completely adjustable design. Instead of pre-set holes, the buckle naturally seeks its own hole for a perfect fit through all stages of your puppy's growth. You won't have to sacrifice comfort for style with this collar, which features bright colors and a beautiful braided design. Plus, its decorative bone-shaped enamel buckle offers a fun accent. Choose a Sunburst Dog Collar in your favorite color for your growing puppy!


Perfect for Small Dogs and Puppies. Adjustable. Bright Colors.


Ideal for everyday use. Great for growing puppies and small dogs.

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Customer Reviews

Cherie - Mar 26 2019

Solved our issue

We have a small 6# papillon-chihuahua mix who's deals with sensitive skin issues. We noticed her old collars were rubbing raw spots along her neck due to the rigid sides. The vet suggested finding a softer sided collar. Easier said than done. Finally found this Sunburst collar at a locally owned pet store for a very reasonable price so after her necked healed, we decided to give it a try. We have had no further issues with raw spots. Went out and bought a new one yesterday...but only because I was tired of the old color. The collar itself is still in good shape.