Sunburst Dog Leash

by Coastal

Sunburst® Dog Leash

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  • Perfect leash for growing puppies.

  • Soft, braided nylon material provides comfort and style.

  • Vibrant colors to match your puppy's energetic personality.

  • 6' length provides a good distance for safe exploration.

  • Pairs with Sunburst® Nylon Dog Collar for a complete look.

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Elevate your pup's daily walks with a burst of color using the Sunburst® Dog Leash, a vibrant and lively accessory that's ideal for growing puppies and small dogs. This eye-catching leash is designed with extra-narrow width and features a stunning array of energetic colors, making it the perfect choice for small dogs that deserve a stylish stroll. Crafted from soft and braided nylon, it provides a comfortable grip for you while ensuring your pooch stays comfortable too. With a generous length of 6 feet, this leash allows your little friend to explore their surroundings safely while maintaining a close connection with you. It strikes the perfect balance between freedom and control, ensuring enjoyable walks for both you and your pup. For the ultimate coordinated look, consider pairing this leash with a matching Sunburst® Nylon Dog Collar. Your furry friend will not only enjoy comfortable and stylish walks but will also turn heads with their fashion-forward ensemble.


Perfect for Small Dogs and Puppies. Bright Colors.


Great for walking puppies and small dogs.