Loops 2 Double Handle Dog Leash

by Loops 2

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Loops 2® Double Handle Dog Leash

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  • Doubles as a standard walking leash and short handle traffic leash.

  • Extra handle shortens leash length and provides added control in high traffic areas.

  • Durable material for long-lasting use.

  • Available in bright, classic colors.

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Enjoy the versatility of two leash options in one with the Loops 2® Double Handle Dog Leash! This innovative leash is a dual-purpose gem, functioning as both a standard walking leash and a short handle traffic leash. It incorporates an extra handle, which becomes invaluable in high traffic areas, giving you enhanced control by allowing you to shorten the leash length and maintain a firm grip. When you're in situations where the second handle is not required, the leash easily transitions into a standard leash, granting your dog the freedom to explore. Select your favorite color to match your style and utilize this adaptable leash on all your dog walks, ensuring you have the right level of control and freedom for various environments and situations. With the Loops 2® Double Handle Dog Leash, you can provide your dog with a safe and enjoyable walking experience tailored to your specific needs.


Bold, Classic Colors.


A standard and traffic leash in one convenient specialty dog leash.